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Dropping, sorry

Well, I'm sure it was sort of obvious due to the lack of tagging, but due to many factors in my life right now, this just isn't the best time in my life for RP. Even though my time here was short, I really did have fun! You guys are awesome and this game is great and I really hope that it'll grow and become a bit more active. I truly apologize for my idling out like this, I really did plan on staying here and being active for awhile but sometimes things just don't work out the way you want them to. Who knows? I might just reapply some day. After all, this little bird boy has to fall asleep again sometime, right? :)


These past few weeks, I swear. x_X

Sick, then exams, then sick yet again, then holidays as usual, then sprained my ankle this past week, generally braindead on the whole. I completely forgot about posting an ad at ATP this month and now it's probably too late. ;;

Classes start for me this coming week but I'm going to try to pick things up around here regardless. I'm going to set up a bestiary for the island that allows for player submissions over on cityofglaucio, as well as tagging and other ideas for the game.

Incidentally if anyone would like to thread with any of my characters, feel free to shoot something my way! :D

-Heron, too tired to switch accounts partly because the icon is appropriate. :C


The black hole that is work and the holidays has sucked me in. I'm picking up close shifts when I can to make extra money, and I'm pretty much working six to seven days a week. That one day off has been used for baking Christmas gifts because I am too poor to get everyone actual gifts.

AKA RL is eating me.

I'll be around and getting to tags as best as I can. I just wanted to say sorry for not being around as much as I should. FML.


An idea for organization

SO, for logs, I thought a little bit of organization would help out for the future. Sure, we're tiny NOW and don't have to worry about it, but in the future when there are a lot more logs it would be great to have a way to access your old logs. Most game tag their logs just for this purpose.

So far, I think it would be great to tag your log with the names of the characters who show up in your log, the area the log is in, and if any significant events that show up in this log (nightmares, brain farts, etc.) also it would be helpful to tag something as an open log or closed log (a closed log a person can no longer tag, or is just between a few certain players.)

Using my log as an example, I'd tag the entry with sinon, gerra, siosa, area: painted beach, event: nightmare,  [open log]

Because Sinon, Gerra, and Siosa were involved, it takes place mainly at painted beach, it turned into a nightmare for one thread, and it's still an open log and free for other people to tag. If other characters were to show up then I'd add their names to the tag, and if I want to close off the log some time for now I'd change the tag from [open log] to [closed log]

... the brackets are mostly so they stand out a little.

In any case, it your not sure where the logs take place, you could always tag with things like their general area (fixed area, mutable area, etc.) instead of one specific place of the island.

What do you think?

fresh meat, omnom

Hey, everybody, I'm Naoko here with the female protagonist of Pokemon Black and White, aka Touko.  She's a little AU from the canon of the games, but if you'd like to know how, feel free to read her app, which does contain spoilers!  If you don't want to be spoiled for certain parts of the game, please let me know here or via PM, but if anyone's interested, there's a translated script here.  It's not exactly perfect, but it's a good overall run-down of the game.  Annnd that's about it!  Looking forward to playing with you all!

More app modifications: Prompts!

We're always looking for ways to make things easier for new players, and one thing I've been reading about in regards to applications in general are people fussing over writing a sample post. After thinking about it, I decided to give players a list of prompts for sample posts to make the application process easier:

Prompt A:
Your character is enjoying a drink in the local tavern when s/he's inadvertently offended one of the patrons there. He's looking pretty mad, and wants to start a fight with your character! What does s/he do? Does your character attempt to defuse the situation, fight him, or something else?

Prompt B:
It's a new day! Your character gets out of bed, brushes his/her teeth, and engages in his/her regular morning routine... until s/he realizes that s/he is now... different. What exactly happened to your character? Did s/he grow another set of arms? Turn into a gorilla? Start walking on the walls? Get creative! How does s/he react?

Prompt C:
It's almost like a Klondike Bar situation: A shady figure is trying to push his wares on your character. It's something that your character really wants (either because they're swayed by the seller's smooth talking, the item is really shiny, or he's offering them their MacGuffin from their homeworld), but at what price? The seller's demands are something your character wouldn't normally do or want to do, but s/he really really wants that item for some reason. Does s/he give in to temptation, or pass it on by? What if the seller offered the item with no strings attached, but your character later finds out it wasn't exactly as it seemed (say the item is a cheap piece of junk, or magically enchanted to TURN YOU INTO A LIZARD)? What happens to him/her then?
Hello, this is Chloe, you're resident failure speaking, bringing you the give of a cute little manga boy who can turn his arms into wings and.... yeah that's about all he can do.

My lovely little story began yesterday, when I finally worked up the nerve to make an account for him. In the course of a single day I made his entire account and the second I found reverie I apped because... it had everything I wanted in a game so, why not? Yeah. This was done entirely on one day's impulse, even though I've loved this little guy and have been pining to play him somewhere for a long time.

I'll try to stick around as long as I can, but I also play some other characters at another game so... I'll just see if I can handle it all. (gee, maybe it would have been a good idea to think about that BEFORE apping him, huh?) but this game is pretty spiffy and new and not horrendously fast paced so I don't see any problems in the forseeable future.


I've had a couple people come to me and have me proofread their apps before posting them, and wanted to make a public announcement to ease some of the stress of applying, especially if you're trying to explain an OC from an original universe you've made. We want to make this as easy on you (and us!) as possible, since we don't want to read a huge long app as much as you don't want to write one. ;)

APPLICATIONS DO NOT NEED TO BE NOVELS! Please, please don't stress yourself out feeling like you have to explain every minute detail of your character's homeworld down to the creation myth. It's okay! If you want to write it, by all means make a supplementary post in your character's journal explaining things, but you don't need to explain everything to us. A summary will suffice! Use the Homeworld question to give us a summary of the world your character grew up in, and then talk about how they grew up in the Backstory section. Kai's app is a splendid example of what we would like to see in OC applications: A well-rounded personality, a solid backstory, and a brief description of her homeworld without going into every little detail or a chronicled history of her world. That's pretty much all we need!

And please remember that while important, backstory takes a back seat to Personality, which IMO is the most important part of the application. Sands of Reverie is a social game, so a lot of focus should be on the character's personality and how they react to and interact with other people! A good, well-written personality will carry a character to good CR, which as we all know is the steak and potatoes of a fun, enjoyable roleplaying experience for everyone involved.

So, with that I hope it makes things easier for potential applicants, especially those writing for OCs. Happy apping, and think of all that yummy CR stew!

-Heron out.


Sup mofos. Name's Sarah or Geno and I'm your awful AU Karkat. He's angry and he hates you almost as much as he hates sunlight and puppies. I also brought my OC Gerra. She fly.

I'm a little newer than Keaton to LJRP. She enabled me. This shit here? Not my fault.

I have at least one OC waiting in the wings. It's gonna be a party!


Reverie now has an AIM chat! Wanna get in touch with your fellow players? Are you a lurker who wants to app and has a few questions, or just wants to meet the playerbase? Come on in to chatofreverie and say hi! :D

-Heron, your sickly boathead moderator.